Review: Circadian Circle (The Gray Tower Trilogy, #3)

First, let me say, I love The Gray Tower Trilogy. Our story began in World War II Europe. The Nazis dabbled in the occult and unleashed hellish Cruenti Warlocks and Black Wolves throughout Europe. The Allies must find a way to combat the magical attacks or face losing not only the war, but the world.

Circadian CircleCircadian Circle is book three of the The Gray Tower trilogy. Our story picks up where we left off in Dark Rift. Our heroine, Isabella, has just learned of her powers and she must gain control of them, if she is to be successful. She’s faced with a tough choice and an unholy alliance that may have devastating consequences.

My Very Short, Spoiler-Free Review:

This series is one of the most unique I have ever read.  The author masterfully blends history and fantasy into a well-executed thrill ride.  Escobar delivers an engaging story that captivated me from the very beginning. I felt like I was a part of the action and I could picture every scene, as if I were watching it play out on the big screen.

Added Bonuses:

  • Cruenti Vampire Warlocks – These aren’t your sexy, brooding, sparkly vampires.  The Cruenti are cruel, vicious, vile creatures that will devour anyone in their path.  They are truly frightening, horrible beasts and the author does a great job portraying them as such.
  • Romance – I’ve read a lot of fantasy novels and I’ve found that there really is no way to avoid romance.  With that being said, The Gray Tower Trilogy’s love story is handled tastefully.  It’s not over the top and it did not hijack the story.
  • The Heroine – Isabella is tough!  She is strong, clever and resourceful.  She’s not one to be pushed around and she is fiercely independent.  If you’re looking for a weepy, angst-filled, hormonal heroine, keep looking!

To sum it up, I was blown away with the final installment. The ending left me with wondering if there will be a spin-off of sorts. I surely hope so. I want MORE!

If you haven’t read this series, READ IT!  You won’t be disappointed!

Great job, Alesha!

Random Rambling #1

It’s raining and I’m sleepy. Anyone with little kids understands. My 2 year old son decided to e-mail his friend, Scout, at 2AM. His message must have been extremely urgent. Now, he’s sleeping peacefully and I’m tempted to give him a little payback. But, we all know, I will lose in the end. So for now, he sleeps.

I finished Alesha Escobar’s Circadian Circle, the other day and I’m preparing my review. I usually don’t write lengthy reviews because I don’t like to give away any spoilers. I’m don’t want to ruin it for other readers but, I will say that I thoroughly enjoyed this one and it’s the perfect ending to a roller coaster series!

So, I’m on to my next book, Vera Nazarian’s third installment to the Cobweb Bride trilogy, Cobweb Forest. I loved the other books and this one has not left me disappointed.

Enough rambling for now… it’s reading time!


Ok… here we go!

After a year of contemplating, I’m taking the plunge into blogging. I will keep it light and fun… no downers here. I hope others will enjoy my random ramblings about all the things I enjoy.

I’m an avid reader and I plan to post book reviews and showcase some of my favorite authors.

I’m throwing in some recipe reviews as well.

And we cannot forgot, my obsession with all things Harry Potter, Doctor Who and Downton Abbey… and my new fave, Sleepy Hollow.

Alrighty! I hope there are others that will join me in my new adventure.

Happy Reading, Folks!