Random Rambling #1

It’s raining and I’m sleepy. Anyone with little kids understands. My 2 year old son decided to e-mail his friend, Scout, at 2AM. His message must have been extremely urgent. Now, he’s sleeping peacefully and I’m tempted to give him a little payback. But, we all know, I will lose in the end. So for now, he sleeps.

I finished Alesha Escobar’s Circadian Circle, the other day and I’m preparing my review. I usually don’t write lengthy reviews because I don’t like to give away any spoilers. I’m don’t want to ruin it for other readers but, I will say that I thoroughly enjoyed this one and it’s the perfect ending to a roller coaster series!

So, I’m on to my next book, Vera Nazarian’s third installment to the Cobweb Bride trilogy, Cobweb Forest. I loved the other books and this one has not left me disappointed.

Enough rambling for now… it’s reading time!